the strokes

I have had very serious intense meetings for the past 3 and a half hours im going to cry


Stuart Broad

(Photography by Nicky Johnston)


Early start today, as I was knocking for Glenn at 8.30 for breakfast. The day began with me waking up after about 2 hours sleep (in bed last night, my thought process went something like this: ‘it’s 3.30, and I’m still awake’; ‘it’s 4am, why am I awake’; ‘now it’s 4.30 and I really should be sleeping’; etc), and getting very confused about my new surroundings. After becoming more functional, I went down for breakfast, having a bagel and some fruit (my mother would be proud!) I went from there to the games room, and won 2 out of 3 games of pool, beating Glenn and Sam, and narrowly losing to Andy. 

After this, the highlight for me (so far!): FRESHERS FAIR! I cannot believe the amount of free stuff I have! I really need to get it organised ;D for now though, my room is a complete tip. Whilst dropping my stuff home, I spoke to my parents, and chilled out for a while before going to my physics induction, being bombarded with information, getting my textbook, and meeting my tutor (who is jokes, this year will be fun!) Rather than hang around in the Physics building, I decided to head to Portland to check out the fancy dress/poster stalls, meeting Glenn and Rhiannon. We sorted out our costumes (caveman - UG UG UG!) and whilst in the poster sale, I was signed up for a dating show (don’t laugh) by Glenn - I have to go on 2 dates, and then pick who I prefer. Not complaining! And, I get free food - what’s not to like! We headed back to the hall, and got dinner pretty sharpish after this as we were all hungry, and then got onto predrinking and fixing our costumes.

We headed to Ocean at about 9, and learnt some Willoughby songs on the bus - most along the lines of being very sexual and crude. I’ve heard worse! Clubbing was pretty standard to be fair, but I had a good time, considering I was relatively sober. We got back around 2am, and I had a good chat with Dave before coming back to my section of the corridor, where I chilled in Glenn’s room with him and Louisa. He kicked us out just now, and I’m heading to bed at 3.15am - not too shabby!

I literally shouldn’t have bothered bringing anything to uni, I’ve got it all free from Freshers fair anyway!





Welcome day!

Today was my moving in day to the University of Nottingham! It’s been extremely groovy.

Not so groovy was the horrifically early start - my father decided that we had to leave at the ungodly hour of 7am! This meant saying goodbye to my dog (who refused to go anywhere near me D:) and leaving home for the first time. Having stopped at Newport Pagnell for Starbucks (breakfast tea and a croissant!) we sped down the M1 all the way to junction 25, where we got off and made our way onto campus, luckily being early enough to miss ALL the traffic! Arriving at 9am on the dot definitely had its advantages. However, I was the first fresher to the hall, and after picking up my room key, student card, and hall t shirt, I was ready to unpack (I made Dad lug all the heavy stuff from the car to my room - D9). I left my door open as I unpacked, and watched my hall mates arrive slowly but surely!

Once I was all settled with my stuff, we went for a walk to the Portland building, and managed to grab yet another Starbucks for lunch, before I had to bid farewell to my parents, slightly emotionally. I then somehow managed to find my way back to my room (I was shocked too!) and started making friends! This involved a trip down the road to find our local supermarket, and making it back in time for the 4pm talk. There were many talks over the course of the day, meaning I was completely bombarded with information, at a time when all I could think about was dinner! Luckily, the food was delicious (when it eventually got to meal time) and there was plenty to choose from, and fruit and veg that we helped ourselves to.

After dinner we were left to our own devices, so I chilled out with my corridor-mates in the hall, ventured out to the bar to have a look (and a JD+Diet coke!) and ended up going to various parties throughout the hall, before heading back to our floor to zone out. At around midnight I decided it was high time for a shower, and made plans to chill with Glenn (next door neighbour but one) afterwards, meaning to get an early-ish night. As it is gone 3am now, I’m sure you can work out how that one went! He comes from Tring, so we found a lot to talk about, and had a lot in common (including an all-time favourite song - Bohemian Rhapsody), and the time flew by! 

As I have to get up at 8.15 in the morning, I’m gonna call it a night here. Hopefully I can keep this up!